Are you new to the city of Chatsworth and are looking for a reputed company that offers towing Chatsworth based? Call us at (818) 405-9253 and we shall help you.

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Do you need to bring your vehicle or vehicles from your old home to another city or maybe even from another side of the city? Just call us and have us at Chatsworth Towing to help you. Are you worried if we would transport the SUV too across the city or to another city along the coast? Yes, we are specialists in doing long distance towing, and we also do the heavy-duty Chatsworth Towing and that too at very affordable rates.


towing in chatsworthGetting the best of tow truck service in Chatsworth:
We, from Chatsworth Towing, have got the responsibility to transport the vehicles of all the citizens and that too at very affordable rates. We are licensed company and our services are certified by the local authorities and are recognized by legal bodies too and, therefore, we insist on hiring the best of truck drivers with clean history to join us. Most of our truck drivers are the ones who are well versed in the road rules and hence, have a vast knowledge of the roads since they make a trip on each of the routes every week. Furthermore, our telephone operators are much updated about the routes, and if there is an unprecedented change of route for bad weather, then you would be alerted to it too.


We, from Chatsworth Towing offer motorcycle tow service in Chatsworth and so whether it is a big SUV or a trailer or even a bike, now you shall be able to tow almost any kind of vehicle with us. We shall give the same priority to every car that we see. Check our Google + page today at Towing in Chatsworth Ca


Why should you pick us over the rest?
We, from Chatsworth Towing have got the reputation of offering affordable Chatsworth tow service that would help you if you are planning to use our services quite frequently for transporting vehicles or making deliveries of cars to the doorsteps of your clients. Yes, we are the primary choice of many of the top companies in the city and why, because of many reasons like:
• Our punctuality
• Our affordability
• Our integrity
• Our helpful staff
• Our accountability


These are not mere words for us, rather each and every member working at Chatsworth Towing are following these and would place the clients first at all times of the service duration and this has made us very special in the hearts of the many people in and around Chatsworth.

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towing chatsworthWe, from Chatsworth Towing have got fully functioning trucks that are fitted with firm fittings and loops that make sure that the vehicles that are loaded on the trucks do not become loose or get damaged even in a bumpy ride.


Our truck drivers would urge you to remove all the accessories or decorative pieces or anything sharp or heavy from the vehicles that are to be towed so that they do not get lost, or damage the car in a long bumpy distance drive. Such care is exhibited by very few companies and since we are very particular about our delivery of vehicles we make sure that the cars will be delivered at the right time and safely only.


Chatsworth Towing in TownHowever, we would urge you to have someone to receive the vehicles while we deliver the vehicles with the necessary identity proof so that we shall then deliver it to them.


Our other services offered 24 hours a day:
We, from Chatsworth Towing, have got this emergency services, that is to say, we offer roadside assistance at all times of the day. Do you need up to four gallons of gas as you are driving through the city, and you do not have that much fuel to last through the rest of the journey? One phone call to us at (818) 405-9253 and we shall send the local dispatchers to help you refill.


We, Chatsworth Towing serve in the following areas with the following zip codes of:
• 91311
• 91313
So feel free to call us for any locksmith services, technical repairs, car jump start, towing away from accident spots or even winch out services and that too at all times of the day!